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PhotoWeave Blankets & Throws

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The PhotoWeave blanket throw is one of our most popular products

Take the snapshots of a favorite time with friends and make that moment even more special with the very cool throw blanket as a photo present or gift. And then there are the pets, the kids and don't forget your group shots or fun travel moments.

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Do you golf, kayak, sail, climb mountains, or go on river rafting trips? Want to make a great wedding gift for that special couple? A new baby? A fun vacation? All of these are exciting moments that can make some great and unique gifts. Whatever the photo and memory, we can make it last a lifetime.

Four fabulous sizes, all machine washable, tumble dry on low:

40w x 54h - Mini | Large 50w x 60h - Small
53w x 71h - Large | 60w x 80h - Extra Large

Any size picture will work! Artwork comes out incredible, too. Vertical or horizontal is fine, just flip the 53" x 71" to 71" x 53" in your mind and we will weave to the orientation of the image.

Our quality is unsurpassed with over 8 miles of 100% cotton yarn that is woven into each photo blanket. Your throws come in two fabulous sizes and can be woven either in the vertical or horizontal layout of your photo.

Just email us your photo image to as an attachment and we will take care of everything else. And no worries, we check every image to be sure it will weave well before it is sent to weaving. We will contact you if anything needs to change.

Want to know how to choose the best photograph to make the best possible product? See our photo tips and tricks.

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