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Food & Wine Fine Tapestries

Food and Wine Wall Hangings

Wine Decor and Great Kitchen Decor for Fun and Fine Dining Experiences. The finer things in life always seems to go well with food and wine.

A kitchen & bar motif may be the perfect fit in your modern wall hanging choice for kitchen or wine decor. These tapestries are sure to liven up most any home decor with our fun and festive food & wine tapestries collection.

All of our fine woven goods are high quality jacquard woven works using miles and miles of bright and colorful thread and yarns in wool, chenille and cottons - all natural fibers are used. The food and wine tapestries are fully lined along with a sewn sleeve for the tapestry rod. Small weighted rods are sewn into the bottom lining for even hanging of the tapestries to the wall.

Custom Photo Tapestry Decor

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