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Flagpole - Bird House Throw

Flagpole - Bird House Woven Throw Blanket

Americana Throws

This colorful throw blanket shows a whimsical theme that can bring a splash of color into your rooms and take the chill off when you want to take a moment and cuddle up with a good book on the sofa or bed or watch a fun show. It even looks great when hung up on the wall.

This is a high quality throw blanket made in the USA and woven with 100% Cotton that is soft to the touch and makes for a warm and inviting afghan blanket that will keep you warm.

It will dress up your rooms with a colorful motif of red, white and blue and lends itself to the 4th of July spirit of celebration and festivities that are as American as apple pie.

Size: 54 inches wide by 70 inches tall, 100% woven cotton throw, machine wash, tumble dry. Weight: 2.8 pounds.

This patriotic country decor afghan by artist Diane Knott features birdhouses of all shapes and sizes baked in red, white and blue with a flag flying proudly.

Our Weavers and Impeccable Quality

  • Our weavers are the world's largest and produce the highest quality of skillfully crafted throw blankets, pillows, tote bags, and wall tapestries.
  • Woven from 100% Cotton resulting in outstanding color and detail, soft to the touch.
  • Woven in the USA using industry admired Jacquard weaving techniques generating a depth and texture not found in traditional home decor.

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