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Photo Wall Hangings & Blankets make great gifts!


Make a CUSTOM TAPESTRY from a photo or artwork

Photo Pet Throw Blankets

Don't Forget the Pets! The Custom Pet Throw Blanket Makes The Perfect Gift.

Four fabulous sizes, all machine washable, tumble dry on low:

Large - 54" wide x 70" high (or 70" wide x 54" high)
Grande - 60" wide x 80" high (or 80" wide x 60" high)
Small - 50" wide x 60" high (or 60" wide x 50" high)
Mini - 40" wide x 54" high (or 54" wide x 40" high)

Our Custom Photo Pet Throw Blanket - Unsurpassed Quality, Woven from 100% Cotton, Made in the USA

Don't get fooled by cheap substitutes or products that are printed, not woven


We work with artists, interior decorators, individuals and many groups! If you have any questions, or are unsure if your photos or artwork pictures will work, please send your image to as an attachment and we will take a look at it. And no worries, we check every image to be sure it will weave well before it is sent to weaving. We will always contact you to get your approval of the proof before proceeding.

More information about our pet photo blanket throws

These dog, cat or favorite animal throws are adorable when your pets are featured on the 100% cotton woven throw blanket. They make excellent gifts!

The pet throw may be the very most popular PhotoWeave product. What is most popular are the custom dog throw blanket and custom cat throw blanket. Cuddle up with your favorite picture of your pet or use this pet afghan to accent your beautiful home.

Any size picture will work for your canine, feline or any pet friends! Artwork comes out incredible, too.

Our Personalized Photo Tapestries, Photo Blankets and Throws, Photo Tote Bags, and Photo Pillows are high quality photo gifts.

Convert your photos into memories with our photo blankets, tapestries, pillows and tote bags!

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